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Solve screen glare and privacy with
CompUshade® ..... the universal monitor hood.

This patented sun hood enables you to open and close your laptop or notebook while the folded hood remains attached to the back of the lid.

Laptop computers are frequently used in outdoor environments where sunlight and glare make screen viewing very difficult due to screen wash-out. The CompUshade® blocks most of these visual impediments and increases apparent screen contrast. The CompUshade® also helps to provide viewing privacy which is especially needed for laptops used in public places. This patented design can be folded closed while remaining attached to your laptop, so it is always with you when you need it.

How it works
The screen in an easy way creates a tunnel of approximately 9 inches deep. The resulting tunnel blocks most light infiltrating around the top and sides of your screen. The panel assemblies can remain affixed to the outside of the laptop’s lid and swing nearly flat for storage. (see demo video on info page).